How to order
With the shop becoming busier and with social distancing measures in place, more and more of our customers are starting to prefer to order in advance for collection or national delivery.
This works well for us as it gives us time to make sure we have the best products available for our customers. Below are a few suggestions on how best to do this and how things work for us:
We would prefer at least 24 hours’ notice. This is to ensure the products are at their freshest and of course available. You can order by calling us, you can email through our website or contact us through Facebook. When sending through your order please make sure you include any preparation you would like with whole fish, whether you may like to have the fish gutted, filleted, steaked, pin boned etc. Portion sizes, quantities and please remember to put in any contact details should we need to discuss your order with you. When your order is ready, we will call you to take payment over the telephone, otherwise you are more than welcome to make payment when collecting your order.
UK Mainland deliveries
We would prefer at least 48 hours’ notice. Again, this is to ensure availability and freshness of the product. As this service is becoming busier, the advance notice allows us plenty of time to have your order prepared and ready to be shipped. As above, please call us with your order, email through our website or contact us through Facebook ensuring you have all your requirements such as quantities, portion sizes or any preparation needed. Please also provide a phone number so we can get in touch if there is anything we need to discuss. When your order is ready to go, we will call you to take payment over the telephone. Orders can be delivered Wednesday to Friday. Saturdays are available for a higher delivery charge.
Christmas & Easter
Pre-orders are also available for Christmas and Easter. This option is highly recommended as these are our busiest times of the year. We generally close our order book at least a week before Christmas, we will heavily advertise this. We need to ensure that we order enough fresh fish and shellfish for our beautiful counter displays and to fulfil all our orders. The same principles apply for ordering as above, telephone, email or Facebook and not forgetting to include your contact details. For Easter, our busiest day is always the day before Good Friday, it is assumed we are closed as it’s a bank holiday. We are absolutely open that day! Normal Friday hours apply as it is still Fish Friday! So, there is no need to panic about needing to collect your order the day before. We may require a deposit to secure your order.
This high-end product is becoming increasingly popular. The Lobsters are caught in pots which need to be left for up to two days and captured live. Therefore, Fishermen need a clear window of weather to set the baited pots and collect them. This can sometimes make availability difficult as it is weather dependent. We try to keep a regular stock of Crab & Lobster during our busiest times; however, we do require 48 hours’ notice for ordering Lobsters and a deposit will be required.
- If you would like a made to order Platter, we would need 48 hours’ notice to ensure we can provide everything that you have asked for and will give us plenty of time to get it prepared and presented beautifully for that special occasion. Platters have been ordered for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family get togethers, barbecues or just to have on a Saturday evening! They really are delicious and can sometimes be a showstopper! We may require a deposit to secure your order.
Homemade products
We try to have as much of these in stock as we can but during busy times we can be restricted with production. If there is something you would really like us to make, please give us at least 48 hours’ notice so that we can fulfil the order for you. You can do this by calling, by emailing through our website or through our Facebook page. If you would just like to come and see us and take a look at the fabulous fish displays, you are of course welcome at any time! We really enjoy meeting and chatting to our customers on a daily basis, it’s what makes our job so enjoyable! Check out our opening hours and we’ll see you there!
"Today's delivery left us open mouthed again. Such freshness is uncommon elsewhere. I've never seen such a thick, meaty bass, nor such enormous skate wings. One would feed at least 4 people! It all looks so good that it makes us excited to eat fish."
Rachel Shepherd